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At this page, you can find our official publications for Robocup MSL competitions for our team UM Croatia!

UM CROATIA is a student only team that started making MSL robots in 2022. Students are divided in teams that do software, embedded hardware and mechanical engineering and there is a marketing team that does fundraising for robot components and going to competitions. The team is focused on low budget design and education and does a lot of production in house. The main goal of the team is to allow students to work on cool projects and gain knowledge in mobile robotics and industrial systems.

Robocup 2024 Eindhoven Qualification Materials

Here you can see the qualification materials for our robot V1.2

A video showing the functionalty and capabilities of the robot:

Robots finished: 2 out of 5

Robocup 2023 Bordeaux Qualification Materials

Check out our first robot prototype! Seems so long ago!